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No Hub Friday - The boardwalk and JMC!

Its a rainy windy Friday here at JMC and feels more like Scotland than New Jersey in the Spring. It doesn't fell like it but summer is right around the corner and most of us can't wait to hit the beach, walk the boardwalk, and enjoy what many in the tri-state area consider to be the best season of the year. So what does JMC and the boardwalk have in common? Most people are unaware that the business of commercial mechanical contractors, like that of the arcades, pizza joints, and gift shops lining the boardwalk, is largely seasonal. Public schools in our area are in constant need of plumbing and air conditioning upgrades and repairs and send the scope of work out for bid. Work in the public schools that is awarded to JMC is best accomplished with empty hallways and classrooms - aka. summertime! So when schools are out, JMC is in full gear - ramping up our staff, tools, orders, etc. For us, it is go time and we push hard, only catching our breath in September when kids pack up their backpacks, lace up their new shoes and start a new school year. Hopefully the classrooms that our NJ teachers and students enter for the 24/25 school year are more comfortable due to the hard work of JMC!

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